Parafango wrap (Parpel)

Parpel (parafango) is an original mixture of paraffin and mud splash - peloid. Approximately 1-cm thick strips are applied to the body (max. 2 localisations), at a temperature of up to 45 °C. The poultice effect is both superficial and deep - it improves overall blood circulation, increases metabolism, eliminates muscle spasms and pain. The poultice is not suitable for use on varicose veins, for osteoporosis, on the back in the midst of cardiac problems, on fresh fractures and implants. The procedure lasts 20 min.

Finnish Sauna

Sauna bathing is a total hyperthermic bath with hot air at a temperature of 80 to 100 °C and a relative humidity of 5 to 15%, followed by a cooling of the body with cold water. The procedure with alternating thermal stimuli is repeated 2 to 3 times and ends with a relaxation phase. Sauna bathing rids the body of harmful substances, sheds calories and burns fat, strengthens the immune system, speeds up metabolism, improves chronic diseases of the respiratory system, has a positive effect on allergies.

Infrared Sauna

The infrared heat system is based on the same principle as the heat received from the sun. By transferring heat using infrared rays, it detoxifies the body very effectively, deeply removes impurities from the skin, reduces stiffness in the limbs, joints and spine, relieves pain and reduces muscle tension, stimulates blood circulation and helps to remove cellulite. Due to the lower temperatures (35 - 60 °C), it is also suitable for guests who cannot tolerate the Finnish sauna.

Steam Bath

The sauna with a temperature of 45 °C and humidity up to 100% combines thermal influences with the admixture action. The steam bath is particularly suitable for allergies, rhinitis and all respiratory diseases, rheumatic disorders and for general detoxification of the body. It has a positive effect on skin cleansing and weight loss, which is why it is especially popular among women.