Reflex Massage

Reflex massage is a form of special reflex therapy, which acts primarily through nerve connections and endings, in the area of selected reflex arcs. The special technique is used to gradually eliminate reflex changes not only in the skin, but also in the subcutaneous tissue, fascia, muscles, or periosteum of bone surfaces. A reflex massage is a very sensitive intervention on the body, where in addition to local sensations, distant sensations and reactions can be induced; therefore it is not suitable to combine it with another massage. The procedure is tied to a doctor's prescription. It takes 20 min.

Soft Techniques

A special manual medicine methodology that affects reflex changes in the muscles and subcutaneous tissue, with the aim of reducing pain and muscle tension. Soft techniques are applied by the physiotherapist and the methodology uses some techniques that can be partially compared to massage elements, especially in reflexology. Soft techniques can be prescribed as a stand-alone treatment and are often applied as part of individual therapeutic physical education. The procedure lasts 20 min.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage is a specialised methodology in which a set of special palpation and other manual techniques are used to speed up the venous return, improve arterial blood flow, and thus improve lymphatic drainage. Consequently, swelling, including chronic swelling, is reduced and blood circulation and nutrition are improved. By regular application, especially in the thighs and buttock area, it is excellent against cellulite and works on the loss of fat cells. The procedure lasts 40 min.

Breuss Method

This method is named after Mr. Rudolf Breuss from Austria, who was not a physician, but dedicated himself to the treatment of many diseases. He called his method a painless spinal massage, which eliminates pain, relaxes muscles and restores lost mobility. With this therapy, the physiotherapist massages the client with warmed St. John's wort oil. The massage is highly energetic, harmonizing and soothing. The procedure lasts 20 min.

Feldenkrais Method - Movement with Awareness

The Feldenkrais method is an educational system that develops functional self-awareness in life circumstances. It uses the body as the primary vehicle for learning. The method works with the physical awareness of distinction by intentionally deepening the difference in perception of the right and left halves of the body. It promotes the feeling and awareness of asymmetry in order to achieve interconnected symmetry. The essence of the method is that a person learns by repetition and exploration of specific movements to eliminate the habitual rigid patterns of their thinking, acting and behaving. The goal is to restore and improve the functionality of the body. The procedure lasts 40 min.

Training for the Back

Instructions on the principles of proper movement lifestyle to ease monotonous movement. These methodologies are not just about exercise, but rather about developing principles for treating your body in the most common daily situations - walking, standing and sitting, getting up, resting, and putting an economic load on the spine in everyday life or in sports. The Training for the Back allows you to respond correctly to common back pain conditions while avoiding the vast majority of back, head, and musculoskeletal pain. It is unsuitable for acute pain. The procedure lasts 20 min.