Other medical procedures

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy uses coherent monochromatic radiation in the visible or microwave region. The laser is applied continuously or in pulses. It has a pronounced biostimulatory effect, especially collagen stimulation, improves tissue blood flow, accelerates the regeneration of blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and epithelium, improves the utilisation of oxygen and glucose, thus accelerating the healing process. At the same time, it has an analgesic, anti-inflammatory (antibacterial and antiviral) effect, relieves swelling. It must not be applied to the eyes, to malignant and precancerous conditions, to the glands or when afflicted with neurological diseases involving seizure. The procedure is tied to a doctor's prescription. It takes 5 min. 2 locations).

Carbon Dioxide Insufflations

Carbon dioxide gas insufflations are subcutaneous injections of medical-grade synthetic carbon dioxide (CO2). The device has the function of automatic needle application with electronic regulation and pre-selection of gas quantity. Only disposable needles are used. The CO2 is very well resorbed from the subcutaneous tissue into the venous and lymphatic circulation. Based on the principle of an artificially induced oxygen deficit, it induces effective local and total blood supply, significantly improves tissue oxygenation and nutrition, promotes the formation of new blood collaterals, improves the elasticity of collagen fibres, relieves pain and facilitates warming up. The procedure is tied to a doctor's prescription. It takes 5 min. 6 punctures).

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy is the inhalation of air enriched with concentrated oxygen. Pure medical oxygen is delivered to the body using a device originally developed by Prof. Von Ardenne. The administration of oxygen increases mental performance, facilitates the tolerance of stresses and eliminates their consequences. It improves blood circulation to the heart muscle, acts as a prevention against cardiovascular and strokes. The therapy promotes metabolism in the brain, stabilises blood circulation, improves the body's defenses. A vitamin drink is served during the treatment. The procedure lasts 20 min. 

Local Cryotherapy (Cryostimulation)

Local cryotherapy is a local cooling treatment that stimulates the vascular system and thus significantly helps in the treatment of prolonged musculoskeletal disorders. The local cold action has a greater therapeutic effect than the use of ice, cold sprays, etc. The Cryoflow ICE-CT generates cold air down to -32 °C. The advantage of cryotherapy treatment is the short treatment time and long-term effect. The therapeutic effects of cryotherapy are: the reduction of inflammation, clear analgesic effect, reduction of the development of post-traumatic and post-operative swelling and improvement of musculoskeletal function. Physiological effects: eliminates pain, inflammation, swelling, muscle stiffness, improves blood circulation, reduces nerve conductivity. It is used for musculoskeletal diseases, inflammation of joints, post-traumatic and post-inflammatory conditions, in the treatment of rheumatic diseases, in sports medicine and other health problems. Cyrotherapy is unsuitable for cold allergy, Raynaud's disease, anaemia, pregnancy, infectious diseases, oncological diseases, ischemic heart disease, reduced thyroid function, etc. The procedure lasts 5-15 min.