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Wellness represents a new trend of a healthy lifestyle. The word wellness comes from the English words "well being" and "fitness". This means that wellness as a healthy lifestyle is a combination of relaxation and activities oriented at improving the general physical condition.

You can find out more about the procedures in our wellness catalog


  • 16 m x 8,3 m x 1,2 m (lenght, width, depth)
  • water temperatur 30 °C
  • floor geyser, water seats, waterfall
  • summer terrace with a garden near by


  • Thai massage, Shiatsu - Japanese massage
  • Ayurvedic Indian oil massage, Champi - Indian massage of head
  • reflex massages, lava stone massage
  • aroma massages a. o.


  • in sauna complex is located:
  • Finnish sauna
  • infrared sauna
  • steam bath
Hotel Park v Piešťanech hodnocení