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Medical - Rehabilitation

Reflex massage

Reflex massage is a form of the reflex therapy acting mainly via the nerve synaptic endings in the area of selected reflex archs. Special techniques remove reflex changes not only in the skin but also in the subcutis area, fasciae, muscles or periostum of bones. The reflex massage is a very sensitive intervention in the body causing, apart from local sensation, also sensation and responses in more distant part of the body and should not be therefore combined with other types of massage.

Soft techniques

They represent a special method of manual medicine, which aff ects refl ex changes in muscles and the subcutis. This treatment is designed to reduce pain and muscle tension as well as to promote physical and mental relaxation. Soft techniques should be applied by a physiotherapist and this method applies several well known techniques. Soft techniques could be prescribed as an independent treatment, often being applied in the context of individual remedial gymnastics.

Manual lymphodrainage

Manual lymphodrainage is a specialized technique causing acceleration of the reflux of venous blood and influx of arterial blood resulting in accelerated drainage of the lymph through a set of specialized grips and other manual techniques. This subsequently improves absorption of oedemas, including chronic oedemas, and enhances blood flow and metabolism of inner tissues. Regular application, in particular in the thighs and bosom area, supports the treatment of cellulitis and reduces the number of fat cells.

Dorn method Bruss massage

Dorn method means soft treating of vertebras and joints at the back area, it is directly or undirectly connected with the spine. It will be applied to the client in standing, sitting or lying position. Blocked areas will be painless treated and relaxed. Dorn method is an excellent remedy at low-back- pains and the thoracal spine, as well. This method releaves the pain almost immediately, it improves the sacroiliacal displacement, also a lot of spine disorders can be disolved by this method. Supplement of this Dorn method is Breuss massage, which is intented to intervertebal discs and relaxation of muscles. It is strong energising, harmonizing and relaxing massage, which can solve psychic, somatic and energetic blockades, as well. It is the key for solving spine disorders, mainly at the low-back. It will be used Common Saint John´s Wort oil, with cooperation of osmotic pressure. This massage is strictly contraindicated in cases of osteoporosis and damages of intervertebral discs, as well.

Feldenkrais method

Feldenkrais method is both a new approach to movement or exercise and a new way of thinking about health and human behavior. It is using the human body as a primary device to learn. It works with physical consciousness of the diff erence by making deeper the diff erence between taking in the right and the left side of the body. It supports the conscious of asymmetry to reach the symmetry. The method is based on that, that a man is learning by repeating and searching of certain movements to remove habituated stiff schemes of his thinking and behaviour. The purpose is to restore and improve the body function.

Back school

It is an instruction about principles of the right motion way of living in motion stereotypes. It is based in both, in exercising and in working out behavior principles to our body at the most often daily situations - as walking, standing, sitting, standing up, relaxing and how to load the spine economically in everyday life and sport. Back school makes us possible to move in the right way and to avoid unnecessary back-pain, headache or painfull joints. It is not recommended in acute pains.

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