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Piešťany spa specializes in the treatment of disorders of the motoric system, bones and muscles, and in overall improvement of motoric functions. Successful treatment relies mainly on the unique springs of geothermal mineral water with high contents of sulphur (6 - 10 mg/l) and hydrogen sulphide (4.7 mg/l) of fairly constant temperature (67 - 69 °C at the spring), and also on its sources of curative sulphurous mud that is generated in the springs of geothermal water and is further processed.

The following conditions are treated in the Piešaťny spa town: backbone pain, vertebrogenic system syndromes, post-traumatic conditions, degenerative disorders, post-surgery conditions of the musculoskeletal system, chronic rheumatic disorders, Bekhterev's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, post-surgery conditions of the central and peripheral nervous system, scoliosis
Park Hotel is an out-patient non-State health care facility with shared diagnostic and treatment units for physiatry, balneology and curative rehabilitation. Professional guarantor of the health care facility is the hotel physician who is available to our guests on business days from 7:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.

Initial, check-in, follow-up and check-out medical examinations or consultations on specific dietary regimens are provided in the physician's office in the hotel's rehabilitation centre.


Medical care

  • doctor
  • physiotherapists

Heat therapy

  • mud pack
  • paraphango wrap
  • sauna (Finnish, infrared, steam bath)


  • massage
  • soft techniques
  • back school


  • brimstony bath
  • hydromassage
  • bubble bath


  • magnetotherapy
  • ultrasound, TENS
  • interference and diadynamic currents


  • individual kinesiotherapy
  • group kinesiotherapy, hydrokinesiotherapy
  • nordic walking

Further medical treatments

  • laser therapy
  • carbon insufflations
  • oxygen therapy
Hotel Park v Piešťanech hodnocení