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Wellness - Massages

Classical massage

Classical massage is manual application of various mechanical stimuli. It supports drainage of surface veins, lymphatic arteries, excretion from sweat glands, enhances the absorption of oedemas and hematomas. Massage relaxes the muschles, enhances the nutrition of tissues and alleviates pain. Massage involves the use of special massage oils containing quality aromatic oils. Massage should be avoided in the case of skin disorders, influenza, acute conditions, osteoporosis and varicose.

Reflex massage

Reflex massage is a form of the reflex therapy acting mainly via the nerve synaptic endings in the area of selected reflex archs. Special techniques remove reflex changes not only in the skin but also in the subcutis area, fasciae, muscles or periostum of bones. The reflex massage is a very sensitive intervention in the body causing, apart from local sensation, also sensation and responses in more distant part of the body and should not be therefore combined with other types of massage.

Ayurvedic Indian oil massage

Ayurvedic Indian oil massage is a favourite special massage technique using warm sesame oil with the addition of the unique orange blossom oil. It affects both the body and soul, stimulates muscles and lungs, improves circulation of blood and lymph, improves the function of inner organs, alleviates indigestion and enhances burning of fats. This kind of massages reduces fatique and stress, helps in insomnia. Ayurveda is excellent part of healthy lifestyles, induces the feeling of youthulness and vitality.

Champi - Indian massage of head

The client is in the sitting position and the massage wil be done without using any creme or oil. After massage of the head will be continued to relaxing of the neck and shoulders. This massage has relaxing effect, adhesions of the tissue will be destroyed, muschle-spasm will be relaxed, the income of the oxygen in the tissue will be increased, the circulation improved. It improves the brain oxydating, the growth of hair. It helps against sleeplessness and at sleep disorders.

Lava stone massage

The lava stone massage is an ancient technique known well before the modern era. Lava stone have smooth surface and they are rolled smoothly over the skin. They have the ability to absorb, keep and gradually transfer heat, which has a favouritable effect on the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscle fibres. This type of massage results in significant improvement of blood flow through the veins, and improves circulation and oxygenation of the blood, speeds up tissue metabolism and toxication of the body. The massage removes negative energy and has anti stress effect. The masseur moves hot stones varies, depending on how much heat the guest tolerates. This type of massage is not suitable for guests suffering from skin disorders, varicose, hypertension, infrluenza or impaired heat tolerance.

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