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Medical - Kinesiotherapy

Individual kinesiotherapy

Individual kinesiotherapy is curative physical exercise under the supervision of a physiotherapeutist who attends to each guest individually. It is specifically targeted at the maintenance, restoration and re-education of motoric functions of the body and development of functional motoric adaptation of the body. Special exercise methods are applied to individual damaged parts of the body to practice and learn basic motoric stereotypes impaired by an ailment or injury. Clients actively cooperate during the treatment. This treatment is applied on prescription by a physician and takes 20 minutes.

Group kinesiotherapy

Group kinesiotherapy is curative physical exercise performed in groups. Group kinesiotherapy also helps our guests to relax strained muscles, strengthens weakened muscle groups and improves mobility of the spine and joints and general coordination of motion. Inseparable parts of the exercise are breath exercises, exercises aimed at the enhancement of dexterity, endurance, balance and overall fitness. The usual time for this treatment is 20 minutes.

Group hydrokinesiotherapy

An active physical exercise performed in the water under the quidance of a pecialist. The exercise usually takes place in small groups. The procedure takes advantage of the positive effect of the water enviroment (water temperature, hydrostatic pressure, buoyancy and water resistance). This treatment is used especially for guests recovering from accidents of surgery of upper extremities.

Nordic walking

Dynamic fi tness walking in a terrain, where the walker uses a pair of special sticks for nordic walking. The rhythm of movements is determined by a cross-walking dynamics. This is an ideal form of physical exercise with an effi ciency higher by 40 - 50 % then during the normal walking. The load imposed upon load-bearing joints is by 30% lower. The nordic walking improves the fat and carbohydrate metabolism, it is eff ective exercise for reducing the body weight, it improves the cardiopulmonal effi ciency, it is applicable by the osteoporosis. It is an ideal motoric activity for all age groups, including seniors with degenerative diseases of spine, load-bearing joints, balance-stability-co-ordination impairments, or ischemic vascular diseases. We recommend outdoor dress and conformable sport shoes.


Water aerobic is an aerobic exercise in water environment. Unlike the other forms of aerobic this type of exercise is free of any shocks and has no negative impact on the joints. The exercises take place in a swimming pool, in small groups. Aquaaerobic is focused on improving the physical condition, cardio-vascular system, reduction of overweight and body-shaping. This is why it is favourite especially with women.

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