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Medical - Hydrotherapy

Sulphuric bath

The sulphuric bath with 37 °C has total relaxation and tranquillising effect. The sulphur inhibits the degradation of elastine, collagen and hyaluronane, thus reducing he blood pressure, and causing the dilatation of blood vessels; it positively affects the volume of Vitamin C in the plasma, and supports the destruction of free oxygen radicals. The treatment lasts 20 minutes.

Underwater massage

Underwater massage is applied to a guest relaxing in a tub with 37°C water. It can be applied either as whole or partial body massage in a hydromassage tub or manually. Intensity of the massage depends on setting of the massaging jets or the application angle and distance of the water stream. The massage relaxes stiffness of muscles, partially relaxes joints and reduces pain. It is not recommended for people suffering from varicose, osteoporosis, heart disorders, immediately after surgeries, for patients with skin disorders and generally in the condition of overall exhaustion. Duration of the treatment is 20 minutes.

Bubble bath

Bubble bath is a bath in tub filled with warm (36 - 37 °C) water saturated with oxygen fed to the bottom of the tub. Bubbles of oxygen ascending to the surface perform micromassage of the body surface. The bath has sedative and soothing effect. Addition of magnesium salts enhances the relaxing and soothing effect. Salts from the Dead Sea have favourable effect on the locomotive system and skin. The treatment lasts 20 minutes.


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