Piešťany Baths

The baths of Piešťany are famous around the world. Thanks to their unique history and rich healing eff ect, they are among the greatest treasures of Slovakia and are one of of the country‘s most visited tourist destinations.

Thermal mineral water and sulphur mud are among the natural healing factors used in spa houses in Piešťany for its almost 200-year tradition. In Piešťany there are springs of thermal mineral water (67-69°C), which has a high mineral content and a signifi cant amount of sulphur and hydrogen sulfi de. It rises from a depth of 2000 meters in the bypass arm of the Váh River. Together, this bypass arm and the Váh River form the Spa Island. Sulphur mud is formed in thermal water deposits, which is unique not only in Europe, but also in the world. The Piešťany mud is a heterogeneous living system that maintains itself in a dynamic balance. The essence of Piešťany healing mud is formed by homogenized scale sediment that settled in the bypass arm near the thermal water springs. The mature Piešťany sulphur mud has a slimy buttery consistency, steely blue to black color, plasticity, and a warm steady quality (it cools down four times slower than water), good thermal conductivity and reduction capability. Along with chemical properties, it is these physical properties that make the Piešťany sulphur mud unique among other healing peloids in the world.

These natural healing resources are world-renowned in the fi eld of treating severe musculoskeletal diseases, as well as musculoskeletal, gout and rheumatic diseases.

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