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Medical - Heat therapy

Mud pack

The sulphurous mud of Piešťany is applied at the temperature of 40 °C either on the entire body or its parts. The pack induces temporary local, as well as total body heating. The mud pack reduces local swellings around the joints and muscle tension. The treatment improves the nutrition of cartilage and connective tissues and intervertebral discs. It strengthens anti-inflammatory activity and immune processes within the body thus improving the function of cartilage, connective tissues and joint motorics. The treatment lasts of 20 minutes and ends with a shower and up to 15-min dry wrap.

Paraphango wrap (parpel)

Paraphango (parpel) is an original mixture of paraphine and mud loess (peloid). It is applied in the form of strips having the thickness of approximately 1 cm and the temperature of up to 45 °C. The wrap acts both on the surface and in deeper parts of the body. It improves overall circulation of blood, stimulates metabolism, and removes muscle spasm and relieves pain. Application of paraphango should be avoided in patients with varicose veins, osteoporosis; wraps should be not placed on the spinal part in patients with heart disorders, on recent fractures and implants. The treatment lasts 20 minutes.

Finnish sauna

Sauna is a whole body bath in hot air with the temperature of 80 to 100°C and relative air humidity of 5 - 15%, followed by cooling of the body with a very cold water. The procedure of transition from hot to cold temperature is repeated two to three times and is completed with relaxation. Sauna bathing helps to remove harmful substances from the body, enhances burning of fat, boosts the immune system, speeds up metabolism, provides relief from chronic respiratory disorders and has beneficial effect on allergies.

Infrared sauna

Infrared heat system is based on the same principle as the heat received from the sun. Transfer of heat via the infrared raysstimulates very efficient detoxication of the body, has deep skin-cleaning effect, reduces stiffness of limbs, joints, spinal chord, relieves pain and reduces muscle tension, stimulates circulation of blood and helps to treat cellulitis. Owing to its lower temperature range (35 to 60°C), infrared sauna is suitable for guests not otherwise tolerating the Finnish sauna.

Steam bath

Sauna of the temperature of 45°C and air humidity up to 100% combines thermal effects with that of additives. Steam bath provides a very efficient treatment of allergies, common cold and all respiratory disorders, and enhances the overall detoxication of the body. Because of its beneficial skin cleansing and body weight reducing effect, it is very popular with women.

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