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Medical - Further medical treatments

Laser therapy

Laser therapy utilizes coherent monochromatic radiation in the visible or microwave areas. The laser is applied either continuously or in pulses. It has a profound biostimulating effect. In particular, it stimulates the collagen, improves the flow of blood through tissues, accelerates the of arteries, lymph paths and epithelium, enhances the utilization of glucose and oxygen and accelerates the healing process. At the same time, it has analgesic and anti-inflammatory (anti bacterial and antiviral) effects, and reduces oedema. It must not be applied in the eyes, on malignant and pre-cancerous conditions or in neurologic disorders accompanied with seizures. The treatment must be prescribed by a physician to be applied and last 5 minutes (maximum of 2 locations).

Carbon insufflations

Carbon insufflations comprise subcutaneous application of medicinal carbon dioxide gas (CO2). The apparatus operates as automated application syringe with electronic regulation and pre-selection of the gas amount. Solely disposable needles are used. The carbon dioxide gas is very well absorbed from the subcutaneous area into the blood and lymph circulation. Artificially induced oxygen debt triggers a very efficient local and general hyperaemia, thus causing improved intake of oxygen and nutrients by tissues, improving collateral flow of blood and flexibility of collagen fibres; it also alleviates pain and supports relaxation of the body. This treatment must be prescribed by physician and takes 5 minutes (6 injections).

Oxygen therapy

Oxygen therapy is breathing air enriched in concentrated oxygen. Pure medicinal oxygen is delivered in the body by the use of a device originally developed by Professor Von Ardenne. Application of oxygen enhances mental capabilities, helps to tolerate stress and eliminates its consequences. It improves circulation of blood in the cardiac muscle and assists in the prevention of cardiac and brain failures. Oxygen therapy promotes metabolism in the brain, stabilizes blood flow and improves the body's defensive system. Vitamin-enriched drink is served during the treatment which lasts 20 minutes.

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