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Medical - Electrotherapy


In magnetotherapy, the effect of magnetic field on biological tissues is utilized for curative purposes. Main effects include relaxation of veins, reduction of pain, relaxation of stiffness of muscles and spasms, anti-inflammatory effect, stimulation of the healing process and alleviation of swelling. Magnetotherapy is not recommended in patient with cardio stimulator, bleeding, mycosis and tumours. This treatment is applied only if prescribed by physician and takes 20 minutes.


The ultrasound therapy utilizes electrical energy of high frequency currents that are converted to mechanic energy and thermal energy. This treatment improves the circulation of blood through tissues and their nutrition, support the flow of other bodily fluids through tissues, releases spasms and alleviates pain. The energy penetrates up to 2 - 6 cm under the skin, and has also reflex effects in deeper and more distant parts of the body. This treatment is applied only if prescribed by a physician and takes 6 minutes.

Interference currents

This treatments relies on interference of two medium frequency currents directly in tissues, one with constant and the other with variable frequency. A variety of effects is obtained by setting the frequency and its modulation. Ultrasound acts directly on the muscles and nerves, improves the circulation of blood and absorption of nutrients in tissues through relaxation of veins; the treatment has painkilling and muscle relaxing effect, contributes to desorption of oedemas. It must be prescribed by a physician and lasts 15 minutes.

Diadynamic currents

Diadynamic currents are composite currents, and the treatment relies on the effect of parallel application of both galvanic and Faraday or other impulse electric current. The effects of individual components add together. The curative effects include better flow of fluids through tissues, alleviation of headache and improved muscle tonus. This treatment must be prescribed by a physician to be applied and lasts 6 minutes.


TENS (Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation) utilizes the principle whereunder the transduction of pain stimuli and perception of pain can be reduced through nerve stimulation at various levels of the nervous system. The treatment is recommended where pain relief is needed, such as in backbone disorders, headache or post-injury conditions. The treatment must be prescribed by physician to be applied and last 15 minutes.

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